CAT 2016 USDAA NW CUP Results

  • October 19, 2016
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We would like to Congratulate the 2016 USDAA NW Cup Winners!

Thank you to all who volunteered, competed or just came to watch! It was a fun trial with fast and challenging courses by Scott Lovelis and Dale Mahoney.  We had two Championship awards as well, these were an ADCH for Dash and Barbara Sorg and a PDCH for Ellis and Anne Nile.

Open Championship Dog Winner – Frodo and Daisy Peel
2nd Place – Dagger and Terrie Demierre
3rd Place – Patrick and Steve Ware


Midi Championship Dog Winner – Lysippe and Karen Lau
2nd Place – Elektra and Karen Lau
3rd Place – Pi and Sally Hildt


Open Performance Dog Winner – Josie and April Meyer
2nd Place – Liz Dodge and Biz
3rd Place – Liz Dodge and Tru


Mini Performance Dog Winner – Cooper and Stephen Champion (for the 5th year in a row!)
2nd Place – Fancy and Nikki Berthold-Ilias
3rd Place – Rhys and Hannah McCausland


And our President Barbara Sorg achieves her ADCH with Dash and Vice President Anne Nile earns her PDCH with Ellis!  What a fun gamble that was!


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