The CAT Library has a new look–check it out!  We also have a new Librarian, Wendy Wells.  She can be reached at with questions or to reserve books/DVDs.

The holdings for the CAT library have now been entered into an online database, so please check it out and let me know if there are any items that you would like to borrow. I’m sure we can arrange a way to get the items from the library to you, even if we have to depend on snail mail!

The library holdings are now listed at: (This link will soon be accessible through the library section of the website.)

This is a free website so, unfortunately, you can’t search on a specific topic or author. However, once you choose the category you want to look at (Audio CDs, Books, DVDs), click on the “page” icon below the picture to get a description of the book, CD, or DVD.

Also, keep in mind that CAT has had a subscription to Clean Run magazine for most years since 1997. If there is a specific magazine issue that you would like to read you can use the search engine created by Steve Schwarz at Agility Nerd: to search from 1997 to 2013.

I will try to attend as many CAT functions as I can with the library in tow.

Wendy Wells your CAT Librarian

More about the CAT Library

There are many other resources to help you in training.  Books and DVDs, for example.  CAT maintains a library on agility and other dog related items.  These resources are available to CAT members to check out. You can browse the library holdings. If you wish to check something out, contact the librarian.

There is also a monthly magazine, Clean Run, that offers lots of tips and training exercises for both the novice and the experienced competitor. Clean Run also has a number of training manuals and other training and trial equipment that you can order.  You can subscribe to the magazine and purchase agility goodies at

There’s more, but this should get you started. If you know of another agility book or other resource you’ve found particularly helpful, contact the librarian and we’ll try to add it to the library.