Links to Dog Agility on the Internet

There are agility resources available on the internet. Here is a short list. Send us any suggestions you have for additions.

News Groups

agileCAT List AgileCAT is a free email list from for CAT members only. In addition to sending e-mails, there is also a “Files” section in which you can access, the membership list, meeting minutes, and so on.There are 80 gazillion yahoo email lists and they all have the same format for managing your own subscription to any list. The following are basic list functions:

To signup for the AGILEcat list, send an e-mail to:

To unsubscribe, email to:

To receive a digest of the messages, e-mail to:

To send mail to everyone on the email list, send it to:

Yahoo also provides a web page for each group. In order to access the web page, you must register with yahoo. This is annoying I’ll agree but that’s the way it is for this “free” service. You can view any of your yahoo groups by going to:

Having registered, you can access the web page on Yahoo for AgileCAT by clicking on AgileCAT from your mygroups page. Yahoo allows each group to have a Files section where members can upload files for all other members to download. There is also a Photos section where one can upload photos for all other members to see. 

On the AgileCAT web page at yahoo, you can change your email preferences for
AgileCAT- you can choose web-only (a way to turn off mail if you are going on vacation) or digest. There is a complete help section that can answer a lot of questions about using a yahoo group:

If you have questions, you can send mail to: That mail will go to Dwight Cash, the moderator for the group. 

Agile Dogs List
(formerly CleanRun)
A source of lively debate and exchange of information on dog agility. To subscribe, send an e-mail message to LISTSERV@APPLE.EASE.LSOFT.COM . Leave the subject line blank and in the body of the message, type subscribe agiledogs

Northwest Agility Club Web Sites

Willamette Agility Group (WAG) WAG is an active club in the mid-Willamette Valley area — Salem-Corvallis-Eugene
Portland Agility Club (PAC) PAC promotes agility for all breeds of dogs from Border Collies to Bassets, Shepherds to Pugs as well as mixed breeds, and sponsors AKC-sanctioned agility trials.
Bend Agility Action Dogs Agility in the Bend Oregon area
Seattle Agility Center A new agility group in Seattle.
Rainier Agility Team Our agility sisters and brothers to the North — agility in the Seattle/Tacoma area.
Sno-King Agility Sno-King Agility is in the North Seattle/South Snohomish County area of Washington.  They are now sponsoring both AKC and USDAA shows. 
Top Dog Agility in the Olympia, WA area. 
DAWG – Dog Agility Work Group Agility on Vancouver Island, BC. 

Agility Sanctioning Organizations

NADAC The North American Dog Agility Council, headquartered in St Maries Idaho
USDAA The United States Dog Agility Association
AKC The American Kennel Club
CPE Canine Performance Events
UKI UK Agility International
AAC Agility Association of Canada
ASCA Australian Shepherd Club of America
TEACUP Teacup Dogs Agility Association

Other Sites of Interest

Cleanrun Cleanrun magzine now has a web site. Includes some clip art and an exercise of the month plus a store with lots of neat agility products.
Agility Net A web site with lots of information on agility in the UK
The Agility Eye Articles from the UK’s agility magazine.
Mega-dogs This is the site of Karen Hunter’s Mega-dogs.  Karen does training and hosts trials and seminars at her site in Woodinville, Wa.
A Complete Guide to Canine Agility A lot of info on agility from the perspective of hunting dog enthusiasts

Sampling of Dog Agility Club Sites from Around the Country and the World

Dog Agility Racing Team of Chino, CA (DART) The Dog Agility Racing Team is an agility club in the Ontario/Riverside area of Southern California
The Bay Team The Bay Team is a dog-agility-only club. Our mission is to provide USDAA and NADAC agility events.Our members live in the San Francisco Bay area
Haute Dawgs Agility Group of Sacramento, CA Haute Dawgs is located in Sacramento, California and sponsors two fun matches,   two NADAC trials, two USDAA trials, and two CPE trials each year.
Good Dog Agility Agility in the Phoenix AZ area