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CAT October NW Cup USDAA Trial in Ridgefield, WA (Clark County)

October 13th-15th at Ridgefield, WA The premium is not available for this trial yet but will be posted here when it is. Two rings indoor trial. Friday Team. Judges: Christine Vaught (Masters) and Kylie Bourke (Advanced/Starters) Trial Chair: Carol Hasenberg Trial Secretary: Anne Nile More

CAT 2016 USDAA NW CUP Results

We would like to Congratulate the 2016 USDAA NW Cup Winners! Thank you to all who volunteered, competed or just came to watch! It was a fun trial with fast and challenging courses by Scott Lovelis and Dale Mahoney.  We had two Championship awards as well, these were an ADCH for Dash and Barbara Sorg and a PDCH for Ellis and Anne Nile. Open Champion... More