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CAT October 28-29 CPE Trial in Longview, WA (Cowlitz County)

October 28th-29th in Longview, WA at Cowlitz County Fairgrounds Opening date September 14, 2017. Closing date October 16, 2017. The premium is now published and is available HERE. One Ring Indoor trial. Judge: Barrett (Todd) Benson Trial Chair: Becky Hutfilz Trial Co-Chair: Diana Dickinson Trial ... More

CAT October 13-15th 20th Annual NW Cup USDAA Trial in Ridgefield, WA (Clark County)

October 13th-15th at Ridgefield, WA This trial is open for entry. The premium is HERE or on the USDAA.com website. Two ring indoor trial.  Friday Team with Intro Classes following at 4pm.  Misc Standard class Saturday and Tunnelers Sunday. Judges: Barbara Standiford (Masters) and Kylie Bourke (Advanced/Starters) ... More

CAT September 9-10th NADAC Columbia Cup Trial in Ridgefield, WA (Clark County)

September 9th-10th in Ridgefield, WA Click HERE for the premium for the trial which is now open for entry. Entries close September 4th. Judge: Arlene Courtney Two ring indoor trial. Trial Chair: Heidi Redfield Trial Secretary: Tanya Sacks More

CAT CPE August 26-27th Trial at Ridgefield, WA (Clark County)

August 26th-27th at Ridgefield, WA Thank you for attending the trial. Please click HERE for your trial results. The premium is now posted.  Please click HERE to download it or check the CPE website at the following link. http://www.k9cpe... More

CAT July USDAA Trial in Longview, WA

July 7th - 9th in Longview, WA The premium is now posted. Please click HERE to download it. Two ring outdoor trial. Team on Friday and two Intro classes starting at 4pm.   2 Gamblers and 2 Snookers over the weekend. Misc class un-numbered Standard on Saturday. Judges: Rob Bardenett (Masters) and Stephen ... More

CAT June USDAA Trial in Ridgefield, WA (Clark County)

June 16th-18th at Ridgefield, WA Catalog for the weekend is posted HERE The premium is now posted and available HERE. Two ring indoor trial. Team on Friday. Intro Friday at 4pm and a Misc class Saturday and Sunday. Judges: Courtney Keys (Masters) and Meagan Skelton (Starters/Advanced) Trial Chair: April ... More

CAT April NADAC Trial in Longview, WA

April 29th -30th Longview, WA at Cowlitz County Fairgrounds Trial Chair: Laura Perkins Trial Secretary: Tanya Sacks Premium for the April 29th and 30th NADAC Trial is HERE   More

CAT NADAC April Trial in Longview, WA

April 29th-30th One ring indoor trial at the Cowlitz County Fairgrounds in Longview, WA. Judge: Traci Bruchok The premium for this trial is now available and opens by postmark on 3/13. Please download it HERE Trial Chair: Laura Perkins Trial Secretary: Tanya Sacks More

CAT April CPE Spring Classic Trial at Ridgefield, WA (Clark County Fairgrounds)

Results from the 2017 Spring Classic are posted HERE. Thank you to all the participants in our April CPE trial! We had good weather, good food, an Easter egg hunt, eight C-ATCHes, six high in level winners, six first-ever CPE trialers, and lots of fun. I had a wonderful trial committee who made my job easy. Our Perfect ... More

CAT CPE March Trial at Longview

March 18-19th at Longview, WA  - Click Results-CPE-March2017 to access results from this trial for all competitors. Please click HERE for the link to the premium for this trial. One Ring Games Trial Judge: Mary Beam Trial Chair: Diana Dickinson Trial Co-Chair: Lisa Wanner Trial Secretary: Jody ... More