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CAT October 13-15th 20th Annual NW Cup USDAA Trial in Ridgefield, WA (Clark County)

October 13th-15th at Ridgefield, WA This trial is open for entry. The premium is HERE or on the USDAA.com website. Two ring indoor trial.  Friday Team with Intro Classes following at 4pm.  Misc Standard class Saturday and Tunnelers Sunday. Judges: Barbara Standiford (Masters) and Kylie Bourke (Advanced/Starters) ... More

CAT July USDAA Trial in Longview, WA

July 7th - 9th in Longview, WA The premium is now posted. Please click HERE to download it. Two ring outdoor trial. Team on Friday and two Intro classes starting at 4pm.   2 Gamblers and 2 Snookers over the weekend. Misc class un-numbered Standard on Saturday. Judges: Rob Bardenett (Masters) and Stephen ... More

CAT June USDAA Trial in Ridgefield, WA (Clark County)

June 16th-18th at Ridgefield, WA Catalog for the weekend is posted HERE The premium is now posted and available HERE. Two ring indoor trial. Team on Friday. Intro Friday at 4pm and a Misc class Saturday and Sunday. Judges: Courtney Keys (Masters) and Meagan Skelton (Starters/Advanced) Trial Chair: April ... More

CAT 2016 USDAA NW CUP Results

We would like to Congratulate the 2016 USDAA NW Cup Winners! Thank you to all who volunteered, competed or just came to watch! It was a fun trial with fast and challenging courses by Scott Lovelis and Dale Mahoney.  We had two Championship awards as well, these were an ADCH for Dash and Barbara Sorg and a PDCH for ... More

CAT October USDAA Trial at Ridgefield, WA

The October 7th - 9th CAT NW Cup USDAA trial is now open! Ridgefield, WA at Clark County Fairgrounds Click HERE to download the premium. We have fantastic judges: Scott Lovelis and Dale Mahoney We are offering team starting at 10am on Friday the 7th, double Gamblers Biathlon and Junior Handler classes! As ... More

CAT July Longview USDAA Trial

Click here for the running order and the current catalog. July 2016 USDAACatalog The premium for the CAT July 15-17th USDAA trial at Longview, WA is now available at the link below. CAT July 15-17 2016 USDAA Premium The trial will be two rings outdoor on grass. There is a nice tree canopy near the field you can ... More

CAT June USDAA Trial

June CAT USDAACatalog  Click this link for the current catalog for the running order of the trial.  We will start at 10am on Friday and 9am on Saturday and Sunday.  Feel free to come out and volunteer! Please click here for the premium for our USDAA trial CAT June USDAA 2016 Premium Our judges are Greg Fontaine ... More